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These days, it’s become so much easier to do your own travel planning, what with all the info out there on the net and all the advice. Isn’t it great? You can sit down at your computer, laptop, or with your phone and book and pay for accommodation and flights with ease, from the comfort of your own home – even in your PJ’s!

But…sometimes, things go wrong. And sometimes, you just need that little bit of help from someone in the know, without having to search a million different sites and blog posts on each different area or topic. For example, you’ve booked different lots of hotels, and flights in and out, but you’re not quite sure of your transport options between the different places, and the hotel doesn’t offer transfers. Or you’ve booked a beautiful island resort off the coast of Mozambique, and an overnight stay in Maputo first, but you don’t know all the ins and outs of getting between the two (like the clients I mentioned in my post Travel to Mozambique and other African countries).

That’s where we come in!

Our offer to you – at no cost whatsoever! – is free advice and travel planning on this site. Yes, you read right. No cost to you. In fact, our advice will probably save you money. 

All you have to do is:

  • search the website
  • ask our advice on the accommodation offered or flights to be booked
  • decide where you want to stay or what you want to book
  • book it
  • ask us for any travel planning advice connected with your bookings


If you’d like to book some other accommodation or activity that does not feature on, you simply have to ask and we will advise, source and book it for you – no extra cost!

If you need to know distances; areas; places of interest; info re connecting flights – ask and we will advise!

Our speciality is Southern Africa (and in particular: South Africa; Botswana; Mozambique; Zimbabwe; Zambia and Swaziland). But between us, we have either lived in or travelled to: Austria; Belgium; Canary Islands; Cyprus;  France; Germany; Greece; Indonesia; Italy; Jamaica; Lichtenstein; Luxembourg; Malaysia; Netherlands; Portugal; Spain; Switzerland; Tunisia; Turkey; and the UK (England, Scotland, Northern Ireland).

Seeing all of the above, I think you would agree that we are fairly well versed in travel planning for many other parts of the world too.

If you’re wondering why we’re so keen to help you at no cost and wondering what we get out of it – yes, we know you are 🙂 – we’ll tell you. As mentioned throughout this site, we have what are known as “affiliate links”. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item (on Google ads) or make a booking (on, we will receive an affiliate commission. This is however at no extra cost to you. You’d just be helping us out :)

So, you help us, we help you! And if we need to find you alternative accommodation, or book activities, there is also no cost to you. I’m sure you’re quite suspicious of this (who gets anything for free these days, right?), but this is how tour operators and travel planners work. Our money actually comes from the suppliers that we deal with on a regular basis. Not from you, the traveller!

Check the search box below, and ask away – we’d love to help!



White Rhino and calf - part of John Hume's breeding programme (Photo: Janine Westerweel)

Help save our rhino – before we force them into extinction!

This week we're going to focus on something very close to our hearts and about which we feel very strongly - the plight of the rhino in this country and ...
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Franschhoek Motor Museum, L'Ormarins (Photo: Janine Westerweel)

Franschhoek wine farms, vintage cars and good food

Last weekend was the turn of the Franschhoek wine farms as we headed out to the Franschhoek Winter Wines Festival at L'Ormarins. This treat was courtesy of our wonderful friends ...
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Grand Africa Café and Beach

Green season in the Cape – 14 cosy spots to visit in winter

It seems that we're now well into our green season in the Cape, thanks to our recent rains. We're still praying, holding thumbs and toes and doing rain dances...whatever works! But ...
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Grand Africa Café and Beach

Winter menu tasting at Grand Africa Café and Beach – Cape Town Waterfront

Last week we were invited to Grand Africa Café and Beach's launch of their new winter menu. It all started with the Whatsapp from the GM, Telpha Berry. Great hilarity ensued ...
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Victoria Falls, one of the natural wonders of the world

A visit to Victoria Falls (on both sides), and Botswana

I'm all for seeing and doing as much as possible in the areas I visit. In a previous post, we discussed the possibility of visiting three, maybe four countries in one ...
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The Quirimbas Archipelago, Mozambique

Travel to Mozambique and other African countries after visiting the Kruger Park

Now that you've travelled all that way, from Cape Town to Kruger, it would be a great pity not to explore the other African countries around you and so close by! ...
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Greater Blue-eared Glossy Starling (Photo: Otto Westerweel)

Birdwatching in the Kruger National Park – a story in pictures

Following on from our previous post on how to enjoy the park fully (Read: Tips on how to make the most of your African safari), I've come to a realization. We ...
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Muratie's Sauvignon Blanc in a lovely setting

Wine estates in Stellenbosch – Muratie re-visited

It's been a while since we visited any of our favourite wine estates in Stellenbosch. So, over the Easter weekend, we decided to re-discover Muratie Wine Estate and have a long overdue ...
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Giraffe drinking (Photo: Otto Westerweel)

Touring the Kruger National Park – tips on how to make the most of your African safari

So, hopefully, you've read our previous post, (Read: Planning-a-kruger-national-park-safari-from-cape-town ) on the various options and ways to get to the Kruger Park. You've reached your destination after a wonderful road trip or a quick ...
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Vervet monkey - by Otto

Planning a Kruger National Park safari – getting there from Cape Town

I feel the need to take a break from the Winelands for a bit. As you may recall, I am something of a "Bushbaby", and since introducing Otto to the life, ...
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A winelands farm with Table Mountain in the background

Western Cape Wine Estates – discovering more of our favourite spots (Part 2)

Have you ever had a spur-of-the-moment decision just to jump in your car and drive, exploring new places as you go? We do that often. We're part of this "instant gratification" ...
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Beetroot and Brie salad

Valentine’s dinner at Wiesenhof, Boschenmeer Estate

I know it's almost Easter already, but as usual, life got in the way while I was trying to wax lyrical about our Valentine's dinner at Wiesenhof At Boschenmeer.  Among other ...
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View of the Klein Drakenstein mountains from Mellasat

Exploring Western Cape wine estates (Part 1)

These days, there are literally hundreds of boutique wine estates dotted around the Western and Eastern Cape. Our favourite pastime is to head out over the weekends and stop wherever ...
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Otto & Janine with my two daughters - Gaby & Chloë

We begin our African travel adventure…

Hello there! Welcome to our African travel blog. We are the Westerweels – Janine and Otto. Having found each other late in life, we've spent the last 9 years thoroughly ...
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